Are you the parent of a 9th grader?


How We Help 9th Graders

Parents, does this sound like you?


You think you have plenty of time. I mean, isn’t it premature to think about the college process? Nope. Despite being roughly three years away, your planning now will help you to make better decisions later. Is your daughter building her resume with activities and civic engagement opportunities that she enjoys and will be attractive to colleges? Will they lead to leadership positions as a junior or senior?


Gather information. Understand how the college admissions process has changed since you applied. Classes, tests, activities, portfolios, etc. all matter. Your daughter is clearly enjoying high school — she should be — but you want her to get into the best” and have life options. In order to do that, you want to know what schools and programs are out there and what they’re looking for.


9th Grade (Up to three meetings)

  • Four-year academic plan including course selection
  • Outline a standardized testing plan
  • Strategies to stay motivated with academic classes
  • Select appropriate extracurricular activities
  • Suggestions for summer activities

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