Are you the parent of a 11th grader?


How We Help 11th Graders

Parents, does this sound like you?

Problem: The college admissions process is confusing. Everywhere you turn, another parent is telling you about a certain school, test or class your daughter should take. Your daughter has no desire to discuss this – she’s stressed-out too – but you know if don’t implement something soon, the ball will be dropped and ultimately your daughter miss out on an opportunity.

Solution: Outline a plan. You need a clear timetable to tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. What schools to consider? When to visit them? When should you engage the admissions office or a professor?

In other words, get expert advice. When you have questions about your taxes, you hire an accountant. When your daughter needs standardized test help, you call a tutor. Admissions experts simplify the process and strategize ways to make your daughter shine in the application process.


11th Grade (Up to 12 meetings)

  • Discuss academic plan including course selection

  • Outline a standardized testing plan

  • Suggestions for summer activities

  • Suggest colleges that are strong matches based on strengths, interests, transcript, test scores and activities and legacy/athletic/artistic considerations

  • Discuss admissions strategies that maximize the possibility of getting in

  • Begin to brainstorm innovative and effective essay ideas

  • Assist with creating a resume

  • Suggest how to maximize spring college visits

  • Discuss the initial selection of teachers and other letters of reference for recommendations


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