Are you the parent of a 10th grader?


How We Help 10th Graders

Parents, does this sound like you?

Problem: You have no idea what classes your son should take as a junior, let alone a senior. Should he take AP or Honor? Honors or Regular? Can he drop his foreign language class? Which science course looks best?

Nothing is more important in the college admission process than the transcript. Nothing. You (and he) have to get this right. Plus, in addition to what courses to take, you want to know which standardized tests to take and when.

Solution: Understand your child’s high school profile and projected curriculum. Start to recognize which colleges like to see high school students taking which courses and taking which tests.

Also, who wants to be the nagging parent? Not you! Get a College Coach who can be an intermediary and explain to your son why one class will serve him better than another.


10th Grade (Up to five meetings)

  • Suggest a three - year academic plan including course selection
  • Outline a standardized testing plan
  • Strategies to stay motivated with academic classes
  • Select appropriate extracurricular activities
  • Suggestions for summer activities
  • Suggest colleges that are strong matches based on strengths, interests, transcript, test scores and activities and legacy/athletic/artistic considerations

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